Here’s a list of all of my discount codes and affiliate links!

Liquid IV

Liquid IV (Code: BUFFALO_DIETITIAN for 20% off discount & free shipping): Flavored hydration multiplier, sodium + potassium + glucose + water = better absorption!

G2G Protein Bars

G2G Protein Bars (Code: BUFFALODIETITIAN for 15% off discount): Delicious refrigerated protein bars with 18gm protein per bar.

FRE Skincare

FRE Skincare: (Code: BUFFALODIETITIAN for 15% off discount): Skincare for women who are active & sweat. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, clean, and dermatologist-tested.

UP2U Recover Protein Powder

UP2U Protein Powder (Code: UP2URACHEL for 15% discount on Amazon): Unflavored, lactose-free protein powder derived from one ingredient: cold-filtered, farm-fresh milk.


Chomps (Code: BUFFALO for 15% discount): High-quality, sustainably sourced meat sticks with no added sugar and no harmful ingredients.

Zulay Kitchen

Zulay Kitchen (Code: BUFFALODIETITIAN10 for 10% discount): A collection of time-saving, money saving and durable kitchen tools and gadgets.

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