Discount Codes

Who doesn’t love discount codes?! As a dietitian and social media influencer, I have the opportunity to work with a variety of brands that I love. They have provided me with special discount codes for you to use!

I have listed each brand along with my code and the discount that it will provide you.

Disclosure: I do receive a small amount of commission from several of these brands when my code is used. Thank you in advance!

Liquid IV uses CTT (cellular transport technology) to deliver hydration quickly into your blood stream to hydrate 2-3x more efficiently + quicker than just water alone.

They come in so many good flavors -lemon lime is my favorite. 

  • Deal: 25% OFF + free shipping! 

Chomps are the perfect grab & go snack! Chomps are a great source of high-quality protein, beef, turkey, and venison. It’s hard to find a portable protein source. I love pairing them with a piece of fruit!

Chomps: full size jerky sticks; 0g added sugar, 9-10g protein and 60-100 calories.
Chomplings: mini jerky sticks, 0g added sugar, 4-5g protein and 30-40 calories.
Flavors; original, pepperoni seasoned, jalapeño, Italian style, sea salt, cranberry habanero, salt & pepper, mild, spicy, variety packs.
  • Code: BUFFALO
  • Deal: 15% OFF + free shipping. 

Thrive Market 

  • Link: 25% OFF first order and a free gift when you join Thrive Market. 

Primal Kitchen 

  • Deal: 10% off